Greetings on the Occasion of the Opening Ceremony of the Keller Wine Cellar

It is a great pleasure that I have the opportunity to salute the producers and the consumers of wine at the opening ceremony of this wine-vault of the Hungarian Mediterraneum. All of us are beginning to recognise the value of those vinicultural products among the increasing variety of wines which represent one particular geographical region, and therefore they are carriers of the local cultural heritage and are also couriers in the service of the winery in which they were born.

The prizes awarded to the Keller Winery serve to prove the fact that the wines produced by this company shall be worthy of becoming the courier of this region, but it is also a great satisfaction to see that developement has not stopped at this point.

The wine-producing community of Villány has understood that the name of this region bears high value for the admirers of wine, and this entails the necessity of increasingly demanding and consistent self-regulations in order to maintain their excellent reputation. In spring, this year´s season is going to start on the authority of the ministerial decree concerning the protection of the origin of wines yielded by the Villány region, so the harvest of this autumn shall result in the creation of the first wines with protection of origin.

This winery is prepared for this task. The affection towards grapes and wine expressed by the company, their whole-hearted manner of wine-making, and the consciously executed progress is sure to bring economic success, as well.

I would also like to encourage the growers who struggle for the birth of the Pannon Wine-Region to take the initiative as soon as it is possible and establish of the legal frameworks of founding such a region. Following the birth of the already legally established Duna Wine-Region and the Balaton Wine-Region whose birth is yet to be announced, even the Pannon can be founded, as a consequence of which, another area will have the opportunity to define its conceptions.

The achievement of this goal may be a significant milestone in the history of the region. It would provide a chance for wine-growing areas, which inescapably encounter many difficulties operating in isolation, to unify their strengths and thus they can offer wine-consumers the peculiarities of the region in the best possible quality, and in a satisfying amount, which is an important factor, regarding the present conditions of the market. Supported by the individualised methods of control to be brought forth by the wine-region policy and the decree of the protection of origin, growers who focus on quantity and those whose aim is the production of excellent quality will both find a ready market. With the help of a transparent and comprehensible system of origin protection, and by the advocacy of the wines that are characteristic of the area, it is possible to define a significant message for wine-consumers. The value of the products of the region may increase substantially by inspiring the public´s confidence, which is a great advantage not only for wine-producers but also for those who make their living by growing grapes.

Apart from the carefully constructed system of origin protection, it is equally necessary to design a strategy for the wine-region, since important financial sources will become available in the field of marketing soon, the obtaining of which requires a clear and well-planned program.

I wish that the message of the Keller Wine-Cellar, the wine-growing area and the Region appears in a clink of glasses filled with wine and thus arrives from cellar to dining table and from hard work to the joys of celebrations. Cheers!